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My kino had been my eye for a long period of time.



It was                                   the input                            




                 the external                                                                       world.



The output had to be the result of a processed concept.



Based on the idea that technology has the capacity of expanding a large multiplicity of cognitive processes and that the brain is a muscle




I decided                         to submit                              my mind                                   to the way                              computers



and internet                               .Multi.                                        work.                                          To think and                               perform


how we navigate in                                   order to develop my language.                                                                -task.






I followed some basic ideas. Pierre Levy, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Jose Antonio de Marina, Bergson                          and


etcetera////// .etcera.




.PERCEPTION. The computer synthesis function with some constant data and variable information BUT digital data lacks of a stable essence. MEMORY. Its essence is its continuous mutation. MEMORY. Its capacities of converting raw data speed up. MEMORY. comes from a legend oral transmission. The net system is very resistant because it is a des-centralized. a distributed intelligence. every knot is clever. MUSCLE. There is a point of departing information that goes to a receiver point to make a whole message from which it is only a part. .PERCEPTION. Cyberspace is a common memory in real time. Supports are multiplied. TECHNOLOGY. The apparatus continues to expand.




Then,                             I had reached                                                    the point                                                                where my visual work


was the result                 of this                    experiment.                                          Once I was there


documents                        and                                                               archives.                                  Indexation.                                .MEMORY.


classification.                                     Taxonomy.                                                              repetition                                        MEMORY.


                                                                        The Body and the Archive  

The invisible body                                                                  Absence and presence


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