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To Vito, 2011

People decide by themselves. Leave people free. There is no Dogma.




Vitto is now doing architecture. He doesn’t want people to go to places that are decided places.

He travels from the typewriter to the street. He wants to attend to the people in the street. Give the street back to people. The street is the place for encounter, to see the other, to reach to the dialogue.

In 1969 Vito is focused on street work. He starts following people for a day. He then realizes how he is a total slave of the acts of the other. He thought about “The “Conversation” with Francis Ford Coppola 1969.

FBI,  paranoia, we all thought we had the telephone intercepted.

The fact of following: energy, will, body.

Using own persona subjected to another’s activity. Body, will, desire.

So then he decides he needs to focus on his own  persona.

A self thinking about the world.

1970 Long film, conversions, candle on his chest, light of film, burns hair of his breast.

Convert into woman, to do more than he can.

Active, will, desire.

Goes to a hill, he can, he thinks he can.

Go towards the boundries.

Catholic school.

We believed there could be a revolution.

Active process, the question is: How can humans organize themselves, in a fair way.

How can this be better-self enclosed.

Maybe someone seeing it, would come closer to me, but on the end it became the contrary, I became more closed in a circle.

He embraced the value of failure, honesty.

At that time it was easy to admit failure.

I started to hate art, world, activity.

Then he started to hate the world.

Every day life can be beautiful so it is converted into art.

So then there is a devaluation of the world

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